Monday, January 9th, 2017

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Well, kark me, it's been a while since I've seen you guys. I hope you didn't get into too much trouble while you were away. You know, any more than I would.


You're right, that really doesn't narrow it down much at all. You guys know me so well. Have you got notes? I still haven't taken the dog for his walk, thanks.

Alright, first we had Rufus over at the school library, where the books lined up for him when he came in, like they were waiting for some kind of parade. Are you somebody important, Rufus? Or do the books just really like parades?

At the salle, Shiemi was attacking one of the dummies - the training dummies, not any stupid people - with a fencing sword. Dante came in and she let him know that she was practicing, which I can only assume he took as an invitation to tell her she's doing terribly. He's encouraging like that.

Then in town, we had Alluka bringing stickers to the stereo at the Groovy Tunes, which I'm sure it appreciates. Sparkle came in to his Demon Marcus shift to find that all the clothes had turned purple - the squirrels are telling me that Clint should take advantage of that before it all turns back. And at Luke's, I got to deal with a blizzard in the freezer. And all the resulting polar bears that came out to try to warm up. Which was easy enough. Just seat them in a booth and give them hot chocolate, and they're more polite than some of the people who come in around lunch anyway.

And I think that's the notes. Until next week, Fandom, this is Kanan Jarrus.

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