Thursday, January 5th, 2017

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Oh hey little dudes, you're back! Nice to see--naw, we don't have to talk about why I'm up so early an' takin' a walk. How 'bout y'all mind your own furry business, huh?


...Yeah, a'ight, that pretty much is the opposite of what y'all do 'round here. Fair point.

Anyway, hey y'all, I'm Hardison an' this is Fandom Radio wishin' you a happy Thursday from way too damn early in the mornin' an' readin' you all the gossip a buncha squirrels saw fit to right down. Sorry to folks who just came in over the fall an' are just findin' out that privacy ain't really a thing here. Put some rum out if there's stuff you don't want reported on, that's a tip from me to you.

School's started up again, with Sparkle teachin' Urban Survival. It was introductions around again, with Gratuity gettin' a TA nod an' Ada either already havin' one or decidin' to get on Sparkle's good side early by bringin' him coffee. The squirrels are makin' a big deal 'bout how nervous he was, but none of the notes mention the classroom bein' lit on fire or anyone goin' to the infirmary, so I'm guessin' he did just fine. Pokemon Goin' sounds like the best class--Team Mystic forever!--an' Deadpool reminded everyone they needed phones for the course. More introductions, an' the team pretty much split themselves between Teams Mystic an' Instinct an' it looks like there's gonna be some competition for the local gyms now. An' then Peridot was in the library gettin' serenaded by some kinda weird paper musical. All right then.

Also in town, Lucille was workin' her shift at Groovy Tunes, playin' somethin' on the piano the squirrels say was both pretty an' hauntin'. Okay then, Leroy, didn't know you were into music.


You know, I'mma just interrupt Leroy's lecture on minor keys to say that's all for this week, I'll talk to you later, Fandom! Time to head home an' try to get another hour or so of sleep.

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