Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

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What the?

...oh. You're back. And given the time and the radio equipment, I can guess why.


Only in the sense none of you were around to aim at. Now let's see...

Introductions week continued at the School, with Event Planning deciding what they wanted to plan, and Training Wheels asking about who actually knew how to drive. If only certain furry drunks could do the same. Home Ec apparently misread the memo, since they did instructions instead, though those instructions skipped the part about telling Peridot to bring paper, luckily Ada was around to help out. There were also introductions, with Lucille being reluctant, Alluka introducing herself and Peridot being confused. I'm getting the idea that's going to be a theme here.

Nothing much happed aroud the Dorms, unless that kid up turned into a llama is still having thumb issues. While in Town, Eponine's old calendars at the Post Office spontaneously turned to ash. That's a new one.

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